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Ivy's Veggie Baskets

Every summer season, Ivy's Veggie Baskets are offered as an optional add-on to any entree order. For $6, you get a variety of organic veggies fresh from Ivy's extensive garden. They come in boxes containing three to four servings each.

It's best to order your Veggie Basket with an entree dinner on a Monday, so they both can be delivered, free of charge, throughout the Eugene, Oregon area, on Wednesday or Thursday. You can sometimes add a Veggie Basket to your order at the last minute as late as Wednesday - depending on availability. They are also available for pick-up, but they're not delivered as a separate item.

The selection of vegetables included in each basket varies as the summer progresses, and depends on the weather and on what has been planted. In past years, Veggie Baskets have been filled with leafy greens, including chard, kale, mustard and beet greens, lettuce, and arugula. Varieties of summer squash have included crookneck, tromboncino and starburst. There have been cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, sugar snap peas, jerusalem artichokes and much, much more!


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