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We are very impressed with your cuisine... My boyfriend, Dave is the main cook in our house. He is Italian and his Dad taught him how to cook. He's quite fussy and usually requires meat for every dinner. He thinks your meals are superb and didn't even miss the meat!

Quincy O'Toole

"Just started receiving Ivy's weekly meals and they're great (spanakopita was to die for)! I'm a single person, so get the smaller quantity and there's enough to both share with a friend and also have two meals for me! High quality, vegetarian fare, just make a salad and dinner is done!" Laura A.

Ode to Ivy:
It was a dark and stormy night.
After a day long with multi-tasking.
But arriving at Ivy’s light,
I find hearty comfort food waiting to
Warm me and always available just by asking!

Vern Arne

"It's the best for me, it's an excellent value because my time needed to be used in other places besides fixing meals. Delivered to my door, what could possibly be better service than that! I feel so pampered when Thursday morning comes and Ivy's Cookin' arrives at my door. I save so much time, which I can use towards billable hours by having Ivy fix my meals for me. If that wasn't enough, the flavors and textures are a fabulous mouth-watering surprise every time. Zippy, tasty, wholesome, and low-fat. Superb! I love everything about Ivy's Cookin'!

Cathy Veret

"It's like magic! The sheer convenience along with the good food quality makes the price well worth it! Most Thursday mornings I put my check or cash outside my front door and place a little bell on it to keep it from blowing away. Within a short while (as I am getting ready for work), I open the door, and "presto!" there is a lovely casserole from Ivy's Cookin' for our enjoyment. Ivy combines wonderful spices with a variety of vegetables in various combinations of enchiladas, pasta, rice and other casseroles. I enjoy Ivy's enthusiasm for her craft and encourage anyone who likes creative vegetarian casseroles to give her a try!"

Julia Linebarger-Taylor

"Have to promote you from purveyor of yumminess to artist of astronomical, gastronomical delight. The lasagna was fabulous! I'd have to say probably the best lasagna I've ever had and I've had some pretty good lasagna. I request your Suizas on the menu every month - it was insane... so good I thought I'd died and gone to heaven... could eat them every week, if not every day of every week. They were outstanding!" Nicknames: "Purveyor of Yumminess" "Countess of Culinary Delights"

Charlene Simon

"Congratulations on your magnificent lasagna. We drank a toast to you and your lasagna as we ate it. Unequivocably the best lasagna we ever ate. ....ordering now for next week...don't even know what's on the menu...."

Jenny Grant

"The asparagus pesto is of another world, El pesto esparragus es de otro mundo!"

Linda Despain

"I appreciate your professional approach to your business."

Maradel Gale

"Thanks for making my life easier and healthier! Your food tastes so good! I like the fresh vegetables and I like the delivery."

Suzanne Mann

"We order 2 shells and freeze 1 because we like them so much! Just had your Baked Pasta with Broccoli and Gorgonzola and it was fabulous! Thanks a lot for making our Thursday night really nice (and Fridays too)!"

Mary Anne Bearden

"Oh my gosh! I am in hog heaven! I absolutely love those stuffed shells! Superb! Thanks you for bringing Nirvana to my house today!"

Cathy Veret

Happy to see you on FB. Love your cookin', consistently top quality, and that last broccoli-mushroom stroganoff was amazing. Should have ordered two. Or three.

Ted Taylor

I purchased one meal per week (sometimes 2, so I could take 1 dish to a potluck) for the entire year of 2009 and was very pleased with the service. Ivy prepared something completely new each week from the best vegetarian ingredients, including many from her garden and delivered the dish right to my door step. I am a frequenter of restaurants, especially Laughing Planet, Jade Palace, Taco Loco and Sweet Life Patisserie. I found Ivy's price and quality favorable compared to these brick and mortar establishments and I didn't have to tip, wait for food or travel in order to enjoy something different than I ordinarily prepare for myself. Ivy has been in business since the mid-80's and I can't believe there are not more services like hers. I know the Sacramento Delta area has a few but not necessarily vegetarian. I have purchased sauces and jams from Ivy, as well as very reasonably priced seasonal veggie baskets from her garden and enjoyed those also.

Kelly Bell

Oh Ivy! It was scrumptious! Heavenly! Delicious! And not overly salty, like they usually are. Do I really have to wait a whole year for another one (spanakopita)?

Ann Douglas

We really enjoyed the fresh corn enchiladas! Wow. You did yourself proud.

Donna Carter

We had your stuffed shells for dinner tonight, and they were fabulous! I've never had shells stuffed with broccoli; it tastes great! Great combination of flavors with the basil and blue cheese and your marinara is flavorful. Thanks for a great entree.

Veronica Lamb

"Ivy's Cookin' has taken 2 persnickety teenagers introduced them to good eating!"

"Wow! Her Enchiladas Suizas are superb!"

"Ordering is so easy! It can't get much easier!"

"That is the best apple butter I've had in years! Even better than my Grandmoms'!"

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