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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available from Ivy's Cookin' at any time. They come with a copy of the entrees monthly menu and the culinary boutique.

They can be aquired in several ways:
Place an order (just enter 'Gift Certificate' in the 'Describe what you want to order' line).
Call Ivy at 541-485-4200.
They can be picked up at Ivy's.
They can be delivered along with any
home-cooked entree.
They can mailed, or even more quickly emailed, to the purchaser or recipient (just let Ivy know what you want).

Ivy’s Cookin’ is a great gift idea for new moms, birthdays, potlucks, moving day, post surgeries, housewarmings, or as a simple act of kindness. They make a wonderful gift for someone who would like to choose the entree that most appeals to their tastes and use them as they wish to fit their own schedule.

You can purchase them in any amount you choose and they are good for six months from the date of purchase. They can be used in partial amounts and any portions left over can be applied as credit until they expire.

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