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ivy leaf  Ivy Cotler Chef/Owner Phone: 485-4200

ivy leaf  Ideal vegetarian dinners when you’re too busy to cook, or lunches for those days on the go!

ivy leaf  Please order by Monday night for Thursday Delivery–or available for pickup Wednesday

KEY: 1st date is order date - 2nd date is delivery date.


12/4 - 12/7 ONE OF MY MOST POPULAR ENTREES! SAVORY CHEESE AND ZUCCHINI SHELLS* - Jumbo pasta shells filled with fresh mushrooms and zucchini, herbed ricotta and a hint of smoked cheese, all topped with my fabulous marinara sauce. (317 cal / 12g fat / 4g fiber / 12.6g pro / 21.5g carb) *Note: Prices are $28 / $38 for this entrée. No trades/gift redemptions for this entrée.

12/11 - 12/14 BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! BUTTERNUT SQUASH ENCHILADAS WITH TOMATILLO SAUCE (wheat free / vegan options available)* - Creamy, sweet butternut squash,corn, onion and garlic topped with a fresh, piquant tomatillo sauce. (229 cal / 7g fat /7g fiber / 10.6g pro / 35g carb). *Note: prices are $28 and $38 for this entrée. No trades/gift redemptions for this entrée.

12/18 - 12/21 HOLIDAY SPECIAL SPANAKOPITA* - I only make this once a year so don’t miss out! Layers of flaky filo dough with a delectable and unique creamy filling of feta cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes and toasted walnuts. (280 cal / 17g fat / 3g fiber / 20g pro / 24g carb) **Note: Prices are $28 and $38 for this entrée. No trades/gift redemptions for this entrée.

12/25 - 12/28 A CROWD PLEASER! BLACK BEAN CHILAQUILES (cheel-ah-keel-ehs) (wheat free) - Corn tortillas, black beans, tofu, chiles, cheese and sour cream mingle to remind you of a sunny Mexican enchilada bursting with flavor! (426 cal / 12g fat / 13.4g fiber / 28.6g pro / 50g carb).


1/1 - 1/4 TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT! INDIAN SHEPHERD’S PIE (wheat free) - A delicious example of fusion cooking! The spinach and ricotta filling (with fresh ginger, coriander and cumin) is topped with my scrumptious cilantro mashed potatoes. Mmm! (369 cal / 8.6g fat / 6.6g fiber / 25.6g pro / 54g carb).

1/8 - 1/11 A EUGENE FAV! IVY’S AWESOME ENCHILADAS DE CHILI VERDE (wheat free) – - Tempt your palate with vegetable, bean and cheese filled corn tortillas covered with a piquant green chili salsa. (270 cal / 5g fat / 6g fiber / 15.4 pro / 35.5g carb).

1/15 - 1/18 NEW! BROCCOLI, SUNDRIED TOMATO, ROASTED GARLIC, CARAMELIZED ONION BREAD PUDDING* – - Bite sized pieces of artisanal bread and delectable morsels of broccoli, sundried tomato, roasted garlic puree and caramelized onion are baked in a deeply flavored, savory herbed custard until browned and delicious! (273 cal / 8.9g fat / 4.7g fiber / 17.3g pro / 31.9 carb). *Note: Prices are $27 / $37 for this entrée.

1/22 - 1/25 DELECTABLE! MEXICAN BLACK BEAN LASAGNE – - Combine your favorite “comfy” foods and you’ll get this fabulous lasagne! Fantastic in its simplicity of ingredients- lasagne noodles, savory black beans and creamy cheeses layered with a Mexican red sauce. (430 cal / 9.6g fat / 9.5g fiber / 17g pro / 37g carb).

1/29 - 2/1 RECEIVES RAVE REVIEWS! SPINACH TORTA (wheat free option available) - Layered torta of sliced potatoes, savory sauteed spinach and feta cheese topped with a Bechamel (white) sauce with a hint of garlic. (232 cal / 6.5g fat / 4.9g fiber / 10.2g pro / 42.4g carb).

ivy leaf  PLACING AN ORDER IS EASY! - At Ivy’s Cookin’ a new and delicious vegetarian entree is offered each week. Simply place your order by Monday night and Ivy will deliver a delicious 2-4 portion meal (9"x 9” pan) at your convenience on Thursday, or you can pickup Wednesday. All this for just $25. (A family size 9”x13” pan is $35).

ivy leaf  DOUBLE UP/FREEZE: - Meals from Ivy’s Cookin’ freeze exceptionally well - why not buy 2 so you always have 1 on hand for dinners when you’re too tired to cook, or lunches for those days on the go?

ivy leaf  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! - Ivy’s Cookin’ is a great gift idea for new moms, birthdays, potlucks, moving day, post surgeries, housewarmings, or as a simple act of kindness.

ivy leaf  REFERRALS - You receive a 1/2 PRICE MEAL when your referral brings me a new customer...Spread the word!

ivy leaf  A FREE GIFT! - Receive a FREE food gift with your first order from Ivy’s Cookin’!

ivy leaf  WATCHING YOUR FOOD INTAKE?  Ivy now provides fat, fiber, & calorie info for those folks who may be on a weight loss program. Easily calculate your points! (Info based on 4 servings for a 9”x9” pan and 8 servings for a 9”x13” pan).

ivy leaf  FULLY LICENSED - Ivy’s Cookin’ kitchen is fully licensed by the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture.

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