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Ivy's Cookin' Home-cooked Vegetarian Entrees

You like healthy and delicious meals, but you lead a busy life. There are many things you need and want to do besides planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking over a hot stove and cleaning up a messy kitchen. Even going out to a restaurant takes time; plus you miss the comfort of your own home, and have to contend with the high level of fat and salt so common in restaurant fare.

Ivy's Cookin' provides you with an opportunity to have creative and delicious low fat vegetarian ready-to-eat meals delivered free to your home or office throughout the Eugene, Oregon area. You save time, money and energy - allowing you to do what you really enjoy.

Ivy's home-cooked entrees are perfect for:

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  • Working People too busy or tired to cook
  • New Parents adjusting to the schedule and demands of a newborn
  • Busy Professionals looking for hearty and convenient meals to heat up for lunch
  • Single Professionals arriving home after a long business trip
  • Busy Families with not enough time to cook between the kid's sports events
  • Those who Entertain casually in the comfort of their own home
  • People bored with Restaurants, fast food, take out
  • People on Special Diets seeking healthy alternatives
  • "Mr. Microwaves" single fathers with hungry children to feed

Ivy now provides fat, fiber, and calorie information for those who may be on a weight loss program. Easily calculate your points! (Information is based on 4 servings for a 9x9 inch pan and 8 servings for a 9x13 inch pan).

Placing an Order is Easy!
  1. Choose the meal you want from the entrees monthly menu
  2. Call Ivy by 8:00pm Monday at 541-485-4200, place your order online, or contact Ivy.
  3. Receive your meals by picking it up on Wednesday or by free delivery on Thursday
  • FREE delivery to your home or office in the Eugene, Oregon area
  • Special orders can be pre-arranged
  • Special dietary concerns can be addressed
  • Entree of 2-4 generous servings - $25
  • Family Size (4-6 servings) - $35
  • Convenience, no meal planning or shopping, no prep, no cleanup
  • Fresh (not frozen), vegetarian, low fat, creative, nutritious, delicious
  • Eat in the comfort of your home
  • Delivered free to home or office
  • Outstanding customer service/personal attention
  • Save time, money and energy for what you really enjoy doing
  • Healthier than restaurant food (lower salt and fat)
  • The kind of food you'd prepare for yourself if you had the time
  • Meals make wonderful gifts for new Moms, moving day, recovering from illness, birthday, holiday, etc.
  • Supporting a local biz (vs. a franchise for example)

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